Oliver Mortimer

Although I was born in Scunthorpe, I moved down to Northamptonshire when I was just six months old, and I started supporting the club in 2001 after my Dad took me to a home game vs Dover in the Conference winning season as a present for my 6th birthday. I’m currently a student at the University of Lincoln studying English and Journalism, and travel down to watch the Diamonds every other weekend and for the occasional midweek game also. Though the cost of the train tickets do hit my pocket slightly hard (I am a student after all!) and I spend many hours travelling to watch the lads play, I wouldn’t change it for the world!
I started working for Radio Diamonds back in September 2014 as a co-commentator for the second half of the home match vs Boston Town, though my main contribution to the media team is doing the match reports for the first team games. You’ll find me at most games in the main stand with my trusty Hobbit notebook and pen in hand! It not only has given me valuable experience that has helped me enormously with my Uni degree, but it has also brought me closer to the media team as a whole, and it’s brilliant to work with such a great bunch of people!
My favourite AFCRD memory is the away game at Dover in October 2013, which started with a train from Lincoln setting off at 7:46am and then arriving back in Lincoln at 22:23pm that same night. The supporters’ reaction to Alfie’s goal will live with me for a very long time!
Favourite player: Jack Ashton
Roles: Match Reporting and Commentary
Occupation: Student

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