Doug Palmer

Doug joined the Radio Diamonds team just after the start of the 2013-14 season, bringing fantastic insight and knowledge to the team. He was known to the team as ‘SussexDiamond’ his forum alter ego, but then joined the team to become a vital part, providing commentary at home and away games. One of the most emotional events he remembers was AFCRD’s first ever match v Thrapston. During his twenties he was secretary/player for a sunday league team and served on the East  Sussex Sunday League Rules Breaches Committee and Sussex County Sunday FA, hence even today he is a stickler for the rules!

Occupation: Retired (Nationwide)


One thought on “Doug Palmer

  1. Down here in East Sussex, I recall (in the ’70s) mentioning how a local player had scored against us. Surprised to learn that Doug knew him, I asked how come? He replied, “Because I’m on the Rules Breaches Committee, and he’s actually under suspension!”
    After Bernie H’s suspension was increased, all I could say was, “Well, it was like this…!”

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