Wisbech From Afar

What a dramatic if not high quality game we had last Saturday and an amazing attendance. It exceeded my expectations and became our highest home league attendance. Swelled by a good away contingent and a number of neutral/ground hopper types who were hoping to see a cracking game.

It didn’t really live up to the hype and we’ve seen much better adverts for UCL football, but certainly had the closing drama we all dreamed of. If you read my article in the last match programme you’ll know I was in Prague for the game on a long ago booked holiday and it was agony with a dodgy internet connection which meant I couldn’t get Radio Diamonds and I had to rely on refreshing twitter regularly.

When the GOOOOAAALLL!! Tweet came through there was most definitely dancing in the streets of Prague. The adrenaline rush of excitement at the news of super Brad Harris saving the day was like nothing I’ve felt before….although the folks round us later in the evening clearly felt something similar when Sparta Prague won 1-0 with a last minute penalty in a crucial game where they had battered the opposition for 90 minutes….and I mean battered!!

I don’t expect any battering of sides in these last few games. I expect tension, nerves, hard working opponents, maybe the odd set-back like on Saturday. But judging by the great attitude in the team, the management, the club and the fans I expect Diamonds to come through and let their ability allied with their togetherness and work effort take them through to the vital points which may just…..just… lead to promised land of promotion.

As Bruce would say…..Go Diamonds!!

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